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July Board Update

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White board installed in the laundry room
In response to a request from tenants at the 2008 annual meeting, the board has hung a white board in the laundry room. Please use it to communicate with your neighbors if you discover a problem with the washers or dryers. This is envisioned as a way for us to avoid putting our laundry in broken machines or machines that are eating quarters. Tony, the super, will monitor the board as well, so he can quickly request maintenance on any broken laundry equipment.

Building heat/steam system to be inspected
In response to request from tenants at the 2008 annual meeting who feel their apartments are colder or warmer than expected in the winter months, the board is commissioning a thourough inspection of our current heating/steam physical plant. This inspection will evaluate all of the possible ways our current heating system can be cleaned, upgraded, repaired, or tweaked to balance out the heating of our building, and hopefully to result in more efficient use of our boiler, which may result in cost savings on heating oil. This inspection will be scheduled to take place before the upcoming winter season.

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