August Board Update

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Hi Everyone,

There's been a lot of progress since the last board update. So without further ado, here goes:

Quick Updates

  • THE BOARD NOW HAS E-MAIL! Contact us at We welcome your questions, concerns, compliments and suggestions. The more we hear from you, the better we can do our jobs.
  • RECYCLING CAN IN GARAGE - Within the next month, please look for the recycling-labeled trash bin in the garage next to the garage exit to the building. The new recycling bin should allow us all to conveniently recycle the bottles and cans that we use in our cars when we get home!
  • CAR PARKING SIGN UP FORMS AVAILABLE - To improve the way we manage our garage car parking waiting list, the board has created a form that you can fill out, submit to the board or management, and then we will give you a receipt to hold onto as proof of your sign-up date. Download the form here ( ParkingSpotSignUpSheet.9.08.pdf), see the Useful Forms page on our website, or e-mail to request one.

Long, but please read:

Parking List Reconciliation (Action Needed by Sept. 15)
The board has learned that there are at least a few people in the building who were under the impression that they were on the car parking waiting list who are, in fact, not on the list. In response, we have required Maxx Management to report to us the status of the current list on a monthly basis (and they have been) so as to prevent any further problems with the list. We are currently formulating a policy to address the concerns of those who feel they were dropped off the list due to a mistake in record-keeping over the years, while respecting those tenants who currently are on the list.

We acknowledge that this is an unfortunate turn of events, and that no matter what policy we come up with to address these concerns, we probably cannot make everyone happy. The more information we get from you guys, the better our final decisions about the list will be.

Therefore, we are asking EVERYONE who believes they are currently on the parking list, to contact us by September 15, 2008, whether you have contacted us about this already or not. Please e-mail or fill out a form you can find by the maintenance request forms, and drop it in Tony's service request slot. Please do so by September 15th, 2008. We want to hear from ALL of you this month. We will move forward with the information you supply us about your situation in September and we don't want you to be left out!

Please include the month and year you originally signed up for parking, your name, your apartment number, and let us know if you have any evidence of your spot reservation. Please be honest. We do have scraps of information, and if we find out that anyone is taking advantage of our amnesty, in any way, we will drop you from the list altogether.

This information will allow us to get a handle on the scope of this issue, and to begin to formulate a solution. Although this board did not cause this problem, this board is resolved to find the solution and put this issue to rest. Thank you for your cooperation and patience!!!

Bicycle Parking Available
We know that many of you have bikes that are taking up a lot of space in your apartments. We also know that we would like to begin to reduce the wear and tear of bikes in our halls and in our elevator. We also want to encourage, as a building, sustainable sources of energy, such as human-powered bicycles.

For all of the above reasons, the board has worked out a plan for bicycle parking in our garage for both residents with current parking spots AND residents who do not currently hold a parking spot. We are planning to install 2-bike wall-hanging racks in various locations in the garage for this purpose.

If you do have a parking spot already, a bike rack that can hold up to 2 bikes will be provided for you on a first-come, first-serve basis, as our budget and installation schedule allows. The cost of this is included in your current and future parking fees.

If you do not have a current parking spot, we have designated wall space in the garage for your bikes as well. You can request to hang up to 2 bicycles at this time on a single rack, and the rack-rental fee per month will be between $8 and $12. Please anticipate a one-time garage key fee of $7 and we will give you instructions on how to purchase your own garage door opener via the internet for approximately $30.

As racks are installed, we will go through the waiting list from top to bottom. We reserve the right to change the above terms at any time as we are still working out the details of this arrangement. Please use the sign-up sheet in the lobby, or e-mail us at

Laundry room contract ends in October (Optional Action by Oct.1)
Our current laundry service company's contract with our building ends this October. We are looking into bringing in a new company on as favorable terms as possible. We want to hear from YOU so we know what the general sentiment in the building is as we upgrade our laundry room. Please e-mail us the following:

1. When we upgrade our laundry room, should we stay with coin-operated machines, or switch to card-operated machines? (Assume that if we stay with coin-operation, that we will add a change machine to the laundry room)

2. What is your favorite type of washing machine? The top-loader ($1.00), the small side-loader ($1.25), or the jumbo side-loader ($2.00)?

Please e-mail your answers to the above questions to so we can take your opinion into account as we move forward!!!

Approved through-the-wall air conditioning model list updated
Our building's current list of approved air conditioners that fit through the sleeves in our walls has become sorely out of date. (1996!!!). So, the board has created an updated list of air conditioning units, and rules, and other information that will help you if you are newly moving into the building, or if you are replacing your air conditioner. Remember... the building does not allow air conditioners in windows and this board is enforcing that rule for safety and building maintenance reasons.

The new information is as follows:

616 East 18th St has air conditioner sleeves below the windows in bedrooms and living rooms throughout the building. Our tenants are prohibited from installing air conditioners in their windows without express permission from the board. Window units are more dangerous, can cause water damage to the exterior and interior of the building, and denigrate the look of our building from the street.

We also prohibit our tenants from installing "window" AC units in our AC sleeves due to the improper venting that this mis-match creates.

We understand that "through-the-wall" units are difficult to find as compared to the more ubiquitous window air conditioners. We also understand that our sleeves are from the 1960's and are smaller than today's standard-sized sleeves, making finding an AC unit that fits even more challenging.

We have therefore compiled a list of air conditioners that are known to fit into the sleeves in our building, based on successful recent installations. You may find other AC units on the market that also work, and if you do have success, please let the board know so we can add to this list so as to benefit your neighbors with more options.

image001.pngPlease also note that there are 120 volt outlets next to most of our bedroom AC sleeves, and there are 240 volt outlets next to most of our livingroom AC sleeves. You can tell them apart by the way the outlet looks.

Consult the chart, and you will find that our bedroom outlets have 5-20R receptacles, which will accept both the 5-15P plug AND the 5-20P plug. "120Volt" AC's use this standard.

Our living rooms have 6-20R receptacles, which will accept both the 6-15P plug AND the 6-20P plug. "240Volt" AC's use this standard. Be sure to purchase a unit that matches the voltage of the receptacle next to the sleeve.


Friedrich Uni-Fit Series - All Models Fit - Complete List of Models:
Model BTU Current Price Volts Energy Efficiency Ratio (Higher is better)
UE08B10A 8,000 $469.00 120V 8.6 (Can cool an average bedroom)
US10B10A 10,000 $509.00 120V 8.8 (Can cool a large bedroom)
US10B30A 10,000 $509.00 240V 8.8 (Can cool an average living room)
US12B10A 11,500 $559.00 120V 8.8
US12B30B 11,500 $559.00 240V 8.8 (Can cool a large living room)
US14B30A 13,000 $649.00 240V 8.6 (Possible over-kill for our building's rooms)

These units come with foam strips to insulate gaps between the unit and the sleeve. These units also come with a plastic guard that surrounds the unit and covers most, if not all of the exposed sleeve around the unit.

If you find any errors with this list, or if you find that any of these units have been discontinued or replaced with new units, please notify us so we can update this list!

For any additional questions, please contact the super, or the board members, or the management company.

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