New Recycling & Garbage Center in Garage

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Until recently, we had two regular garbage cans in our garage. Many of the items we accumulate in our cars and on our bike rides tends to be the reycleable kind... soda cans, plastic water bottles, paper plates... the refuse from our on-the-go lifestyles. Because of the convenience of throwing garbage out in the garage without schlepping it upstairs to the bins in our compactor rooms, a great deal of recycleables were mixing into the garage garbage cans.

A few months ago, a trial-run was started with recycling available in the garage, and our residents immediately began recycling their car and bike garbage.

Due to the instant success of this convenience, we have modernized the three bins in the garage to make permanent the availablity of in-garage recycling. Tony has decorated two of the three bins with large recyling logos. Signs point the way for paper and plastic. And all three bins have brand new lids that are attached permanently to the bins with string, to keep the bug problem to a minimum in the garage, and to prevent the lids from dissapearing over time.

Thank you to all of you who have so readily embraced recycling in the garage, now that it is so convenient to do so. Check out these two photos of the new "recycling center" in the garage.


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