Boiler Cleaning Wednesday December 10th 2008 - 1am to 5pm

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If you are wondering why the heat and hot water will be unavailable starting at 1:00am on early Wednesday morning, December 10th, here is the explanation:

The boiler needs to be periodically cleaned, because soot builds up in the tubes that transfer heat to the water, making steam. When these tubes become sooty, they become insulated from that heat transfer process. The result... more heat goes out the chimney instead of making steam to heat our radiators.

The cleaning should increase our efficiency by a small percentage as well, saving us fuel and money.

We will also be inspecting the inside of the boiler to check on it's condition, while it is cool. The heat and hot water will be turned back on as soon as the cleaning and inspection are complete. This is anticipated to be no later than 5:00pm on Wednesday.

We had originally scheduled this for Tuesday, but the forecast of extremely cold weather for a day made us request a rescheduling. Thank you to Leon at Maxx Management, our Property and Building Manager, for scheduling this cleaning and inspection for our boiler.

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