Building Projects Planned for 2009

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The planning for 2009 is complete, and the following projects are on the docket to improve our building this year.

  • Repairs of broken marble on the building's façade
  • Fire escape scraping and re-painting
  • New ballasts and efficient fluorescent lighting in all public areas
  • Hallway lighting decorative fixture replacement
  • Replacement of radiator air valves on our 6th floor to balance heat distribution
  • Multi-thermostat wireless indoor heat monitoring system for our boiler
  • Boiler repairs and efficiency upgrades in anticipation of future replacement
  • Garage door replacement, including new safety sensors
  • Lobby wall Plexiglas replacement across from the elevator
  • Lobby carpet repair or replacement to remove unsightly ridges
  • Elevator repairs as needed and required by inspection

Please note that this list is subject to change based on an ongoing needs/cost analysis that the board is always monitoring.

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