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Laundry Room Upgrade Update

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The board is in the final stages of contract negotiation to update the laundry room. We will begin to see a savings in water bills as soon as our brand-new Maytag front-loaders are installed to replace our current machines. A card system will replace our current coin system. The price-per-load will be slightly higher than on the current machines, as our load prices have remained constant for the past 8 years, and the board was unable to find any vendors still offering our current load prices. We worked to keep the load prices as low as possible, and they will be $1.50 per regular wash load, and $2.40 for extra-large 30lb. wash load. The dryers will be $0.30 per 7-minutes. The laundry-room will undergo a mini-makeover when the new vendor installs their machines. The laundry room will be out-of-service for about a week during the change-over. Further notices will be sent out when the process is about to begin. UPDATE on 2/26/09: The washer brand will be upgraded to the Speed Queen SWFY71 model over the previous plan for Maytag washers due to overall reliability and safety experiences on the part of the incoming vendor.

Weekend Subway Disruptions

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If you're headed to the city this weekend or next you'll need to walk to Cortelyou to take the train.

12:01 a.m. Saturday, February 21 until 5:00 a.m. Monday, February 23: Southbound Q trains operate express from Prospect Park to Kings Highway but will bypass Newkirk Avenue. Northbound service normal.

12:01 a.m. Saturday, February 28 until 5:00 a.m. Monday, March 2: Northbound Q trains operate express from Kings Highway to Prospect Park but bypass Newkirk Avenue. Southbound service normal.

Taken from the Brooklyn Community Board 14 website. Check it out for further updates.


Newkirk Plaza Rehabilitation Info

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Your board vice president is a huge rail-fan, so he knows where to dig up information buried on the MTA's website. The following describes the scope of the work that has just begun at our Newkirk Avenue subway station, intended for the contractors who were bidding to get this work many months ago. Recent reports claim the work will continue through 2011.  
$10M - $50M  [Range of cost for this project.]
This project is to rehabilitate the Newkirk Avenue subway station and replace the Newkirk Plaza, the public space above the station's right of way. The work at this station is to be coordinated with the rehabilitation projects at the other Brighton Line stations: Avenue H, Avenue J, Avenue M, Avenue U, Kings Highway, and Neck Road.

The scope work at the Newkirk Station includes the following tasks. 

  • Remove the existing leaking slab that serves as the public plaza at street level and the roof of the station at platform level
  • Construct new deck/subway roof slab with a waterproof membrane and paving
  • Construct minor repairs to the station control house
  • Repair station canopies as required
  • Rehabilitate station platform stairs
  • Construct one exit-only stair with exit wheels and gates at the southbound platform
  • Construct structural repairs to the station platform, columns, beams, deck, framing and platform slab
  • Incorporate progressive ADA elements where applicable (not including ADA elevators)

Duration of Contract 58 Months [That's almost 5 years!!! I hope the clock started back in Jan 2007 when the contract was awarded, which would put completion in late 2011. No word yet on how this work will affect the storefronts at Newkirk Plaza.]

Hallway Redecoration - PHASE 1

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The "Hallway Redecoration" project that has been spoken about over the past three years is about to begin. In order to make the project manageable, the board split the project into three phases. Phase 1 consists of replacing our existing hallway lighting with brighter bulbs (and ballasts) that use LESS energy than our existing bulbs, new modern glass domes, and much whiter ceiling paint. This phase of the project is planned for the next few months, and should take a few weeks to complete. Phases 2 and 3 will be left to future budgets to keep our costs down this year, and will deal with the walls, floors, and doors.

Garage Door Opener Information

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If you need a garage door opener for your car or bike in our building, the following form ( Garage Remotes02.09.pdfprovides basic information on the type of openers that work for our building and some suggestons on where you might purchase them.

Boiler and Valve Replacement Project Update

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Residents on the 6th floor are currently having their radiator valves replaced with ones that allow air to escape our pipes much faster, allowing the steam to rush up to our coldest apartments much more quickly. This may help to serve heat more efficiently to our entire building. This is a pilot program, and future valve replacements will be based on the outcome of this project. In addition, the board is currently looking into possibly replacing our building's boiler this summer to stave off the need for more expensive repairs to our current boiler, and to more quickly reap the benefits of an efficient boiler, almost definately reducing our oil expenditure.

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