Laundry Room Upgrade Update

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The board is in the final stages of contract negotiation to update the laundry room. We will begin to see a savings in water bills as soon as our brand-new Maytag front-loaders are installed to replace our current machines. A card system will replace our current coin system. The price-per-load will be slightly higher than on the current machines, as our load prices have remained constant for the past 8 years, and the board was unable to find any vendors still offering our current load prices. We worked to keep the load prices as low as possible, and they will be $1.50 per regular wash load, and $2.40 for extra-large 30lb. wash load. The dryers will be $0.30 per 7-minutes. The laundry-room will undergo a mini-makeover when the new vendor installs their machines. The laundry room will be out-of-service for about a week during the change-over. Further notices will be sent out when the process is about to begin. UPDATE on 2/26/09: The washer brand will be upgraded to the Speed Queen SWFY71 model over the previous plan for Maytag washers due to overall reliability and safety experiences on the part of the incoming vendor.

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