Newkirk Plaza Rehabilitation Info

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Your board vice president is a huge rail-fan, so he knows where to dig up information buried on the MTA's website. The following describes the scope of the work that has just begun at our Newkirk Avenue subway station, intended for the contractors who were bidding to get this work many months ago. Recent reports claim the work will continue through 2011.  
$10M - $50M  [Range of cost for this project.]
This project is to rehabilitate the Newkirk Avenue subway station and replace the Newkirk Plaza, the public space above the station's right of way. The work at this station is to be coordinated with the rehabilitation projects at the other Brighton Line stations: Avenue H, Avenue J, Avenue M, Avenue U, Kings Highway, and Neck Road.

The scope work at the Newkirk Station includes the following tasks. 

  • Remove the existing leaking slab that serves as the public plaza at street level and the roof of the station at platform level
  • Construct new deck/subway roof slab with a waterproof membrane and paving
  • Construct minor repairs to the station control house
  • Repair station canopies as required
  • Rehabilitate station platform stairs
  • Construct one exit-only stair with exit wheels and gates at the southbound platform
  • Construct structural repairs to the station platform, columns, beams, deck, framing and platform slab
  • Incorporate progressive ADA elements where applicable (not including ADA elevators)

Duration of Contract 58 Months [That's almost 5 years!!! I hope the clock started back in Jan 2007 when the contract was awarded, which would put completion in late 2011. No word yet on how this work will affect the storefronts at Newkirk Plaza.]

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