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2009 Board Elections and Committees

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Dear Shareholders,

If you are interested in running for the board for a one-year term, click on "Useful Forms" on the left, and then click on "Board Committee Membership Form.pdf". Print out fill out and leave the form on the box on the super's workshop door, OR e-mail your responses to the questions on the form, OR send a scan of the form to board@616east18.com.


We will then publish the information you provide before the annual meeting via our lobby bulletin board and web site. This way, all of our shareholders will know who is running, and a little bit about each candidate.

Board membership is an awesome responsibility. It demands a time commitment that goes beyond the monthly board meetings. It requires time for researching building projects, coordinating with Management and vendors, working with the Super and building staff, working with the other board members, and being available for residents' suggestions and complaints. In return, if affords you oversight over the building's operation, budget, and projects, which can be as rewarding as it is time-consuming.

Many of you have expressed interest in participating in the operation of our building, but may not have the time to commit to full board membership. For you, we are formalizing our committee structure, and there are currently three committees anticipated for 2009-2010.

Please click on "committee charters" on the left side of this page to see a list of our committees, their jurisdictions and responsibilities. Then fill out the committee section of the above-mentioned form to let us know you are interested. Committee chairpeople will be selected by the committee members.

Our 2009-2010 committees will be: "Web-Site Committee," "Laundry Committee," and "Grounds/Garden (and Pot-Luck) Committee." We hope to encourage involvement in our building's operation in the coming 2009-2010 term by all of our interested shareholders. If you have questions about what it's like to serve on the board, please feel free to e-mail your questions to board@616east18.com or approach any one of the three of us in person if you see us in the building. Thank you for making our building a great place to live!

Samuel, Andrew & Lance
2008-2009 Board of Directors
616 E 18 St. Owners Corp.


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Our Annual Shareholder Meeting is to be held in our lobby on May 12th, 2009 at 7:30pm. We encourage all shareholders to attend. If you plan to attend, please encourage your shareholder-friends to attend so we can have a quorum... over 50 percent of our shares must be in attendance. If you cannot attend, you can fill out a proxy form to allow someone else to represent (and vote) your shares (proxy forms to be distributed soon via paper and this website.) We will vote for the board of directors for 2009-2010, and there will be time do discuss your questions, comments, and suggestions about our building's operations.

Two reps from the new laundry company will be here to demonstrate the new machines and the smart card technology.  The new machines will use smart cards which will be given to all the residents prior to the opening of the laundry room. Come by to recieve a welcome package from Service Directions, Inc.

Our building's Laundry Room is getting a complete overhaul as we switch to "Service Directions, Inc." for our next 8-year laundry contract. The LAUNDRY ROOM WILL BE CLOSED for the duration of this work. Please plan your laundry "schedule" accordingly. Again, as with all renovation projects, delays can occur. Updates during the work will be posted on our bulletin board and here on our website, so keep checking back!

APRIL 15th - Garage Door Replacement

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Our building's garage door, track and mechanism is being replaced. While the replacement work is going on, there will be NO VEHICULAR ACCESS IN AND OUT OF THE GARAGE. If you need to use a car you park in our garage on April 15th, please park it on the street. Work is expected to begin at 8:30am and finish around 4:00pm, but as with all construction projects, the work can take extra time and could continue to April 16th. Please plan accordingly.

The opinions expressed here are those of the authors only. They do not necessarily reflect the positions or opinions of the 616 East 18 St. Owners Corporation, any of its staff members or residents, or Maxx Management.

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