Aug. Board Update: Building Upgrades

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Progress toward replacing boiler: Engineer Selected
The board has chosen Dan Siegel as the engineer to create a specific replacement plan for the boiler that can then be bid out to potential boiler contractors. We expect to replace the boiler some time between November 2009 and June 2010. The board is working to evaluate the cost-benefits of earlier boiler replacement during high-use months, or waiting longer for replacement during low-use months.

Temporary Hold on Energy Saving Incentives
The New York State Energy and Development Authority (NYSERDA) incentive program for multifamily buildings as been put on hold while they update the program requirements. We were hoping to take advantage of the $35,000 incentive available to our building for increasing our energy efficiency, including our boiler replacement. Unfortunately, we don't know whether the program will be reinstated in time for us to take advantage of it before we have to move ahead with our boiler replacement. The board, along with our chosen energy partner Conservation Services Group is actively monitoring this surprise temporary shut-down of the NYSERDA program.

Fire Escape Painting to begin Monday, Aug. 24
Our fire escapes are overdue for a paint-job that will both beautify our building and protect the metal on our fire escapes from further corrosion. Due to high outdoor temperatures this week, the fire escape painting has been pushed to Monday August 24th, 2009. We are hoping for cooler weather, but must proceed with this project as soon as possible. The board and management apologize for any inconvenience you may have during the work. Please cover the inside of your air conditioner units if they are inside the work area of the fire escape scrapers and painters, as this will prevent the paint dust from getting into your apartment.

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