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Verizon Fios NOW LIVE in our building!

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BREAKING NEWS - As of Wednesday, July 28, 2010, you can now order Fios on line or over the phone for your apartment as an alternative to or in addition to Cablevision. I just ordered the "Double Play" TV and Internet bundle which includes NO contract. I am getting a HD DVR for my living room HD TV and a standard cable box for the SD TV in my bedroom. According to them, I will pay $75.98 for the first 3 months, $95.97 for the next 3 months, and then $105.97 for the following year and a half. Beyond that, it's probably around $129.99. All of these numbers do NOT include taxes and fees of up to $15 per month. I scheduled an appointment for August 2nd for installation, and I will report to you all how it goes at that time. The only weird snag I've hit so far, is that when the Fios website asked for my address, it automatically filled in "1 FL" for "first floor" and I had to manually change that to my proper floor number before it would actually find my unit. If you have question or experiences of your own to share, please e-mail the board at board@616east18.com.   Thanks to all of your for your patience during the installation process.  -Andrew.

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