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It is with great excitement that we alert you to expect work to begin in our hallways on April 4th, 2011. We have a rough schedule of work that can always change, but the plan is this:

Work on the walls will take place one floor at a time, one floor per week:
6th Floor - April 4 through April 8
5th Floor - April 18 through April 22
4th Floor - April 25 through April 29
3rd Floor - May 2 through May 6
2nd Floor - May 9 through May 13
1st Floor - May 16 through May 20

ALL Floors will have their floors stripped of wax in preparation for the new carpet on:
April 11 through April 14

ALL Floors will have their locks worked on to match the silver color of our design on:
May 23 through May 27

Carpet is on-order and will likely be installed at the end of the process. We will have more information about that soon as we are waiting for a delivery estimate from our carpet supplier. Carpet work will begin as soon as the carpet itself is delivered, but that is still unknown.

The elevator doors (exterior) are going to be stripped of their paint, and we may need to shut down elevator access to one or more floors (or all floors) during that work, which is expected to take 6 dates spread throughout the construction schedule, during the mid-day hours. There may also be an additional day or two when we install a new floor in the elevator itself. Notices will be posted in advance of elevator service outages.
We will need all of your help opening your apartment doors so that they can be properly painted, and so that the locks and door hardware can be properly worked on. Stay tuned for notices about how we hope to coordinate with you.

Hallways may be partially or totally inaccessible, one floor at a time, once the carpet installation gets underway on each individual floor. The board will be very careful to give advance warning so you can plan ahead for the hours that you may not be able to access (or leave) your units during those hours.

Stay tuned for further updates.
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