Halloween Board Update

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Just in case you still need them, the door-decorations we would like you to hang on your door if you would like trick-or-treaters to stop by on October 31st are now available for download from our website, along with info about when to expect trick-or-treaters if you choose to participate. These can also be picked up at our bulletin board in the lobby. Please look for the Halloween link on the left side of our main page.  <---

The asbestos work on the roof has been completed. We are waiting for permits to get the sidewalk bridge up in front of the building and are evaluating whether or not we should wait for Spring due to the amount of work days available in the next 4 months (due to the weather) and the cost of the sidewalk bridge.

If we wait until the Spring to start the work that requires the sidewalk bridge, we can still do certain temporary work to try to reduce leaks during this winter. Stay tuned for more information about that as it becomes available to the board from our contractor.

The locksmith is progressing through our building, upgrading our door hardware. The kick-plates and stairwell/compactor room doors are all done, but some of our lock-sets are odd and various brands for which matching parts had to be ordered, which is making it a longer process than we had hoped. We are still waiting for the locksmith to finish before putting down the carpet so as to protect the carpet from any damage during the locksmith's work.

That's it for now. Have a safe and happy Halloween everyone!

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