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Building To Be Wired for Fios This Week

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As of Wednesday or Thursday of this week, (Mar 31 or Apr 1), Fios will begin installing their cables inside our building. There will be some drilling involved in this installation, but any drilling will be restricted to begin no earlier than 9am and on weekdays only. They will be working to run their cables inside their new crown-molding style cable-track on all 6 of our residential floors. This new style of track will obscure our view of the existing rectangular cablevision cable-track. They will also be working to run cables vertically through our building in the compactor rooms on each floor. If you have any questions for the board about or during this work, please e-mail The work should last about a week. No estimate yet on when you will be able to sign up for Fios. Stay tuned.

Utility Pole Installation

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Work has commenced this morning on installing a fiberglass utility pole on our sidewalk. This will eventually hold up a Fios utility box and is part of our building's imminent Fios cabling project. Stay tuned for more updates as work is about to begin inside our building as well.  UPDATE: This pole is actually not just for our building. It will hold a Fios utility box that will service our entire block... it just happens to reside just north of our garage entrance.

Parking Zone Moved

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You may have noticed that the no-parking 7am-7pm on weekdays zone has been moved away from our front entrance over to the end of our block, near our garage, and the zone is a bit longer than it was before. This was done at our building's request in response to noise complaints. Busses that need to pull over in front of our building were unable to find room, instead stopping all traffic on our street and causing symphonies of car horns most mornings and afternoons. We are hoping that the new larger no-parking zone will increase the opporunities for the busses to pull out of traffic, thus making our block a bit more peaceful. Please help by following the new parking zone rules. Thank you!

New Parking Regulation.JPG

Staff Seals Sidewalk

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Sometimes it's not always clear how much our staff does to improve the quality of life in our building. Here is a good example. The other day, you may not have been around to see our staff (Rolando and Nasario) sealing the sidewalk in front of our building, as they do periodically, to reduce the amount of dust that we track into our building with our shoes. Check it out:

Staff Sealing Sidewalk.JPG

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