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Groceries online anyone?

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Posting on behalf of a neighbor... (and must admit that given the somewhat limited options of the grocery stores nearby, my interest is definitely peaked!)

If enough residents to sign up...they may begin to deliver groceries in our building.

Founded in 1989 by brothers Andrew and Thomas Parkinson, Peapod has grown to be one of America's leading Internet grocers. Peapod is a wholly owned subsidiary of international food provider Royal Ahold, and works in partnership with Ahold USA supermarket companies including Stop & Shop and Giant Food.

Good eats in the neighbohood

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We're putting together a list of good eats in the neighborhood. Would love it if people could comment on good places they've been - and note if they deliver to our building! Newcomers I've noticed recently:

  • Pomme de Terre opened a few months ago, but recently started serving brunch. I went with a group and was not dissapointed. Also, love the fact that they are baby friendly, given our new arrival.
  • Bally's Energy Food Fuel just opened up on Newkirk plaza. I haven't gone, but I entered to check out the menu. They've got plenty of fun juices, wraps and sandwhiches, though I was a bit dissapointed that they don't have cappuccinos/espressos.
  • Cornbread Cafe recently opned on Flatbush between Farragut and Glenwood. It's also pretty family friendly and they serve breakfast all day!
  • San Remo's opened a new dining room with a VERY large menu. Haven't tried it yet... would love to hear what folks think if they've tried it.

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