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Dec. Board Update

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Happy New Year Everyone - enjoy this month's updates!

New Contract with Verizon Fios

For the first time in our building's history, residents will have a choice of cable/internet/phone providers between Cablevision and Verizon Fios. We have entered into a contract with Verizon Fios to wire our building with their fiber-optic technology at no cost to us. The wiring will include new decorative crown-molding style cable track to cover our existing cablevision track and hide the new cable runs. 

The work is expected to begin by February, though that can change at any time based on Verizon's work schedule. 


2010 Maintenance and Assessment Reduction

We're happy to reduce the maintenance by a small amount for 2010 as compared to 2009. The 2009 assessment has ended, and is being replaced with a smaller assessment for 2010. Though our fixed costs continue to rise each year, our recently completed energy-efficient lighting project is saving our building $1,000 per month on electricity, and is largely responsible for the small reduction in maintenance this year.

Movement on the Parking Spot Waiting List

Three parking spots have become available within the past few months, they have been assigned, and everyone else on the waiting list has moved up three slots. Please check the building web site under Car Parking Waiting List for updates on your wait list status.


Price Cut for Bike Storage

Bicycle parking in the garage has been reduced to $5 per month. If you would like to park up to two bikes on a bicycle rack, please let the board know at If you already have a car parking spot, you can request a bike rack for free to be installed in your spot.


Hallway Renovations: Seeking Design Consultant

The board has agreed to consider design consultants for the remaining phases of the hallway redecoration project. A design consultant with experience with post-war residential apartment building hallways can offer us specific design element ideas, multiple design options with full mock-ups, specific wall-covering, carpet, paint and other material recommendations, and contract documents to be sent out to contractors. Just as we hired an engineer to design our new boiler before hiring contractors, a design consultant can fill a similar role for our hallway project and help bring in the expertise needed to move the project forward on budget and on schedule. If you know of any companies with experience designing hallway interiors for buildings like ours that might be interested in working with our building, please let the board know at by the end of January 2010.


Moving / Laundry Room Reminder

A couple of gentle reminders

  • Moving-in and moving-out is limited to weekdays between 8am and 5pm and must be done in accordance with house rule #10: "Trunks and heavy baggage and furniture shall be taken in or out of the building through the service entrance only after an appointment has been made with the superintendent." This is to allow the staff to protect the elevator walls and floor and to avoid bottlenecking our elevator during peak usage times.
  • At the request of several residents, please remove laundry from machines within 10 minutes of the end of a cycle, or else another resident may remove your laundry to a folding table for you. Also thanks to the automatic motion sensor for the light in the laundry room, you no longer any need to remember to turn off the lights when leaving the laundry room.


Boiler Replacement Progress

The board has received and is reviewing quotes from four contractors for our upcoming boiler replacement project. Asbestos abatement will be performed in the boiler room before the project begins, after this heating season is over.


Fire Escape Complete

Fire Escape painting is now complete. Thank you to all of our residents for cooperating and being patient while we found the right contractor to complete the work properly.

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