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Engineer's Plan for Boiler Replacement Approved
Our engineer's plans for the replacement of our boiler have been approved by the board. The new boiler will be better-sized to the needs of our building than the current boiler, cheaper to maintain, and much more efficient. Due to the extra cost of replacing a boiler during the winter heating season which has just begun, we plan to perform the work shortly after this heating season ends, in the spring of 2010. Stay tuned for additional updates.

House Rules Updated by the Board
The board has updated the building's house rules to include a more liberal cat policy (dogs are still prohibited), a requirement to pad the feet of movable furniture in response to noise complaints, a requirement to clean food off recyclables before leaving them in compactor room bins, a clarification of when board approval is needed for apartment alterations, and new references to our sublet policy and garage wait list. If you have any questions about the updated house rules, please e-mail the board any time.

Garage Parking Spots Must Be Cleaned of Items by November 15th, 2009
Personal items have been accumulating on the floor of our garage. On or after November 15th, 2009, any items touching the floor of the garage (other than your car) will be removed by management and not returned to their owners. This is not a new rule... rather it is a periodic enforcement of an existing rule... no items are allowed in garage spots other than your car and anything you can affix to your building-provided bicycle rack. If you would like to request a free bicycle rack (one per space), please e-mail the board.

Sublet Policy Approved
The board has approved a sublet policy governing when you can sublet your apartment, the fees involved, and the penalties for non-compliance. If you would like to sublet your apartment please fill out a sublet application. Both the policy and applications are saved on the "useful forms page for future reference.

In-Building Trick-or-Treating
If you would like to participate in some hallway trick-or-treating on Halloween this year, please put your apartment number on the sign-up sheet on our bulletin board, and then take a decorative door sign from the bulletin board and hang it on your door on October 31st. This lets parents and kids in our building know that they can knock on your door without disturbing you between 4pm and 8pm this Halloween!!! Thank you to Lina who made this happen this year!

Please Clean Your Recyclables

Please clean your plastic and paper containers so that food does not sit in our recycling bin and attract roaches unnecessarily to our compactor rooms. This request has been added to our house rules, and new signs are being planned for our compactor room doors. Thank you for your help to keep our building clean.

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