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New Google Group for Building Residents 
We're excited to introduce a Google Group for all building residents. Residents can now ask questions relevant to the building or neighborhood, sell or give away items, post news, by emailing If you already receive updates from the board, you've been automatically added to the group. However, note this is a closed group, so spammers or people who do not live in the building will not be able to send an email to the group. If you are a resident, but haven't been automatically added, email and please include your name and apartment number. From now on, updates from the board will be sent through this new google group. 

Verizon Fios Installation Has Begun
Verizon Fios installed some conduit from a man-hole at Foster and East 18th under the street and our sidewalk to the south side of our building. While this is the first step to have fiber-optic cable directly into our building, we anticipate three more months of work before this project is complete.

Leaks in Units?
The walls of our building near our roof, and some of the structures on our roof are showing some wear and tear. Water is getting in through various cracks, and the board is preparing a project to repair these cracks and areas that look to be in danger of forming cracks. If you or someone you know has any water getting in to your walls, especially on the upper floors of the building, please contact the board ASAP so that we can include your area in this project, if you have not done so already. This project will also help to seal gaps in the building's "heat envelope", preventing warm air from escaping as quickly in the winter, which should improve our building's energy efficiency.

Boiler Replacement Project Progress
After receiving several contractor bids for the project, the board has narrowed the field down to the three best proposals and is scheduling interviews with each of the three contractors before selecting the winning bid for the work.

In the meantime, the asbestos pipe insulation must be removed before demolition of the existing boiler can begin. The board has approved contractors for this project. Stay tuned for updates coming soon.

Hallway Renovation Update
The board is receiving proposals from three designers, and will share the options with residents in a special meeting to be scheduled in the next couple of months. Residents will be able to offer feedback on complete designs including wall coverings, paint colors, and patterns of carpeting.

Be Kind to your Upstairs/Downstairs Neighbors
A reminder to all residents: there is no sound barrier between floors, so try to be as considerate as possible to your downstairs neighbors and as forgiving as possible to your upstairs neighbors. A few tips:

  • If some of your high-traffic areas are not covered with carpeting or rugs, consider taking of your shoes more often when walking around in your apartment.

  • Remember that dropping shoes or moving chairs can seem like no big deal, but they can sound shockingly loud to the person below you.

  • If your upstairs neighbor is making distracting noise, consider politely knocking on their door and introducing yourself. Try to work together to figure out what activities the problem noises are coming from and potential solutions.

  • Avoid retaliating or knocking on the ceiling.

  • Although the board can sometimes help mediate noise disputes, the best course of action is to develop a relationship of mutual respect and understanding with your vertical neighbors.

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