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The board is presenting to you the final design concept renderings for
our Hallway Renovation Project Phase II. (Click to see the PDF of the designs)
These renderings are the result of much deliberation and a great deal
of time invested by so many (Thank You!), site visits, material
samples, and proposals to make sure that the materials shown in
these designs, and their installation can fit within the projects' budget.
We are posting these design concepts to get feedback from our
residents and shareholders about the direction we have taken.
Please take the time to examine these renderings closely, and e-mail
your comments/preferences to the board at, or
write a note to us and place in the Super's Box.

Here are some notes about the design's guiding principals:
• These are renderings. The final design may vary due to cost and availability of materials
• The overall mission of the design is to create an inviting, modern, cost-effective and durable interior space.
• LIGHT colors are being used to further brighten the hallways
• NEUTRAL but WARM colors palettes are both modern and conservative, generally appealing and inviting.
• Subtle variegated patterns add modern, timeless touches.
• Painting the door trim a different color than the doors increases the sophistication of the overall design.
• Lighter door trim helps to break up the "long-ness" of our hallways. (130 ft x 5 ft)
• Floor trim is intended to unify the floor and wall colors/designs.
• Darker floor trim can create the illusion of a wider space by relating to the colors on the carpet flooring.
• Commercial grade durable carpeting helps to reduce hallway noise and reverb/echo
• Dark floors with lighter walls also help create the look of a wider space, served to foster a residential feel, and backdrops the lighter colors and accents.
• Using a "chair-rail" or moulding divides the vertical space into two areas, adds sophistication, and adds to the illusion of a wider and more inviting hallway space. It also protects the walls from damage by acting as a bumper for carts, wheelchairs, etc.
• Using paint below the moulding allows us to inexpensively and easily repair scuffs and marks on the areas of the wall most prone to wear.

We look forward to your feedback!

The Board

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