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Two reps from the new laundry company will be here to demonstrate the new machines and the smart card technology.  The new machines will use smart cards which will be given to all the residents prior to the opening of the laundry room. Come by to recieve a welcome package from Service Directions, Inc.

Our building's Laundry Room is getting a complete overhaul as we switch to "Service Directions, Inc." for our next 8-year laundry contract. The LAUNDRY ROOM WILL BE CLOSED for the duration of this work. Please plan your laundry "schedule" accordingly. Again, as with all renovation projects, delays can occur. Updates during the work will be posted on our bulletin board and here on our website, so keep checking back!

APRIL 15th - Garage Door Replacement

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Our building's garage door, track and mechanism is being replaced. While the replacement work is going on, there will be NO VEHICULAR ACCESS IN AND OUT OF THE GARAGE. If you need to use a car you park in our garage on April 15th, please park it on the street. Work is expected to begin at 8:30am and finish around 4:00pm, but as with all construction projects, the work can take extra time and could continue to April 16th. Please plan accordingly.

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