Useful Forms

The following are some commonly requested forms. You can download the forms, fill them out and send via mail to Maxx Management in order to submit relevant requests.


Board or Committee Membership Questionnaire Form -

Board Committee Membership Form.pdf

Use this form if you are interested in running for the board or expressing interest in joining one of our building committees.

Shareholder Annual Meeting Proxy Form -

2010 Proxy Form.pdf

Fill out (page 2 of) this form and give it to a shareholder who is attending the annual meeting in person. Then your shares will count towards the quorum that must be reached (50.1%) to conduct an annual board meeting AND the person holding your form will be able to represent you by voting your shares. (Be sure to tell the person holding your proxy form how you would like then to vote if you have a preference).

Laundry Room Service and/or Refund Form - Click Here

If you have a complaint, need to request machine service, or have lost money on your smart card that requires refunding, use this web-form to make you request directly with our laundry service company, SDI.

Parking Garage Waiting List-


Fill this form out to be added to the parking waiting list. Once completed, send to Maxx Management attention Yvette DeForest via fax, mail or e-mail. Once your request is processed you will receive a receipt acknowledging your request.

Repair and Renovation Guidelines -

Please use this document if you're not sure when a repair is the responsibility of the shareholder or the co-op, and to find out when you need to request board approval for alterations within your unit.

Renovation Agreement - T6 RENOVATION AGMT.pdf
Shareholders wishing to make renovations to their apartments must complete this form and submit to Maxx Management along with any relevant documentation (i.e. contractor's information, construction drawings, etc).

Subleasing Rules -

Sublet Policy.pdf
The rules governing subleasing your apartment are contained within this document.

Subleasing Application - T6 SUBLET 616 East 18th NEW.pdf
Shareholders interested in subleasing their apartments must fill out an application and submit required documentation as well as follow a series of steps outlined in this document.

Co-op Tax Abatement/STAR Credit Application -

Blank Application + Partially Filled Out 1st Page 
Shareholders who have not completed this application should do so. Download both links. The "partially filled out 1st page" contains building information you will need to complete your application. Applications are accepted by the city all year and will apply to the following year if recieved by February 15th. For more information about these abatements/credits, go to: 

Cat Consent Form - 

Cat Consent Form.pdf
Shareholders can request to have up to two cats dwelling in their unit using this form.

Garage Parking Remote Purchase Worksheet - 

Garage Remotes.pdf
Use this information to purchase Garage Remotes for your car or bicycle parking.

Through-The-Wall Air Conditioner Information Approved AC Unit List.pdf
Use this information to purchase air conditioners that fit within our wall sleeves.

Bicycle Parking Licence Agreement -  Bicycle License Agreement.pdf

Please fill out and submit this agreement to the Super to begin the process of renting a bicycle rack. The Super and/or the board will assign you a specific rack when available, and charge you $7 for a garage key on your next maintenance bill. Bike parking is currently $5 per month. Each rack holds two bikes.

Have a request for a form that's not listed here? Contact Stephanie Dolan ( at Maxx Management.

The opinions expressed here are those of the authors only. They do not necessarily reflect the positions or opinions of the 616 East 18 St. Owners Corporation, any of its staff members or residents, or Maxx Management.